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Credit Card Processing – For High Volume Merchants

Do you process $150k or more each month?

We have special rates for that.

Special Pricing Program for High Volume Merchants:
We offer special rate programs for low-risk businesses that have high monthly credit card processing volume.

Our new rate programs are below costs of many credit card processing agents, ISO’s, etc.
Our new high-volume rate programs work great for restaurants, retail, and even MOTO or internet businesses, who t the following profile:

  • Merchant must process a minimum monthly credit card volume of $150,000. NOTE: Multiple locations may be added, to achieve the minimum processing volume. We also are able to make adjustments for Covid.
  • Merchant much process a minimum 1,500 transactions on a monthly basis.
  • Merchant must have an average ticket (transaction amount) of less than $200.00. NOTE: Nearly EVERY restaurant is below $200 per average ticket, as well as many retail businesses.
  • Merchant must deliver all products/services within 7 days of receipt of funds.

Just how low can our new High-Volume Rate Program get?

Depending on your processing volume, transaction count, etc, the rate can be as low as *Costs plus 2 to 5 cents per transaction.

*Costs: Card association (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex) interchange, dues, and assessments.

These costs are the same for ALL processors. We then add between 2 cents and 5 cents per transaction, depending on the factors listed above.
If your business is currently processing $150k per month in credit card processing, you might currently have a pretty good rate, but it’s unlikely that your rate is just Cost plus 2 cents to 5 cents per transaction.

Overnight Funding: We even have overnight funding of your credit card processing deposits (including Amex), for batches before 10pm CT.

POS (Point of Sale): Do you currently process via an integrated POS? That’s great! We integrate our processing into most POS systems.

Special Rates for High Volume Merchants

Why and how are we able to do this?

We have a large portfolio, so our systems are already in place, and we want to reward low-risk merchants who process high-volume each month with an exceptionally low rate program. There’s no catch, and no “gotcha”… this isn’t an introductory rate that we’ll go up on in a year or 3 years. We won’t even charge one of those ETF’s (Early Termination Fee) if you decide to go elsewhere. Why? Because we know you’ll be happy with us!

Customer Service and Industry Experience:

We’ve been in the merchant services industry for 20 years, and are led by a Certi ed Payment Professional, as designated by the ETA (Electronic Transaction Association). We’re dedicated to customer service and providing your business with great rates.
Want to know more? Just click HERE, to ll out our short form… or give us a call. Hit us with questions, we promise that we’ll have accurate and honest answers.

High Volume Merchants Deserve Better Rates

We can help.

We’ve already disclosed our rates and how it works. We don’t require a long-term commitment with a crazy contract and a large Early Termination Fee. So we have to keep earning your business down the road. Refreshing, right?

If you’d like for us to provide an apple to apple comparison with your current processor, just send us a recent processing statement and we’ll turn around a true comparison very quickly.

If you just want to have a chat or have some questions, we can do that too. Send us an email or give us a call. We’re real people, with real families, and real answers.We’re not in a high-rise in a large city. We’re in central Mississippi, with agents in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia (although we have clients all over the country). If we can’t help you, we’ll gladly tell you.